AFEO Elevator Orientors

High Speed Cap Sorting

Available in two construction styles: Stainless Steel or Molded Plastic. Multiple Conveyor Width and Height Options available too. Widths available: 6", 12", 18", 24", 36", & 48" (not all widths will work for all applications. Smaller widths better suited for lower feed rates and smaller parts.)

AFEO Elevator Orientors - High Speed Orientation

Vibratory Feeders

The original product has returned!

The system that gave us our name is back. We are building these systems once again. Our master bowl maker, Roger has been designing, building, and assembling vibratory bowls for over 30 years. His many years of experience enables him to accurately address your vibratory bowl needs.

Vibratory Feeders, something old is new again

Centrifugal Feeders

Hoppmann Dealer since 1983

We are your full service Shibuya-Hoppmann centrifugal feeder and prefeeder source. We can provide you with a new custom designed system, spare parts, or a system retool.

Shibuya-Hoppmann Centrifugal Feeders & Prefeeders

AFBS Bladder Stops

Stop Product without Marking

Can be used on any conveyor and available in standard or custom sizes. Standard sizes are AFBS-4 (4" wide x 1" tall), AFBS-10 (10" wide x 1" tall), & AFBS-12 (12" wide x 2" tall). The AFBS-10S is also available. It is an AFBS-10 with a protective safety strip.

Pneumatic Bladder Stops
AFEO-SS Brochure & Tech Sheet

We finally have something new for you! We have been in the process of recreating our AFEO documentation for several years. We recently completed the stainless steel AFEO tech sheet and brochure. This will provide you with standardized heights, widths, hopper capacities, etc. For more information and to download a pdf of this new document click on the image above.

AFVB Vacuum Beams

AFVB Vacuum Beams

Our Vacuum Beams (for use with FlexLink ® Conveyors) have become very popular since their 2010 debut. Click on the image above to get more information on this product.

Portfolio features

Tracks and Escapements

We are also you source for discharge tracks, chutes, and escapements. Contact our feeder department with your specifications and sample parts for a quote.