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We offer a variety of feed systems. Our most popular style in recent years has been our AFEO Elevator Orientor. This feeder is offered in a standard version and a stainless steel wash down compliant model.

In addition to this we offer Hoppmann Centrifugal Feeders & Prefeeders, our own Linear Style Feeder, and slant disk style feeders.

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Image ofStainless Steel FlexLink Conveyor

We are a top selling systems builder and designer of FlexLink Conveyors. In recent years we have become an OEM for Dynamic Conveyor Company's Dynacon conveyor.

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Image of Bi-Directional Slide with Shocks

We offer a several styles of placement devices. All units are designed and built in house. We have dual axis, single axis, pneumatic, and cam operated styles.

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Continuous Motion Insertion Turret

We can provide you with custom designed special machinery. We have designed and built continuous motion insertion units (like the one pictured to the left), trimming machines for "flashing" removal, assembly stations, and much more.

To see some of the systems we have built, click on the picture to the left or the title above.

We offer parts and accessories for our equipment. Some of the items pictured to the right include discharge tracks and pneumatic bladder stops. To see more of our offerings, click on the picture or the title above.

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